Edmonton Family Shocked They Were Approved for a Loan. You’ll be Shocked Too!


Do you have bad credit? If so, you probably know how frustrating getting a new car loan can be. One Edmonton family in particular knows that struggle all too well.

Wendy and Dan Baker of Edmonton, Alberta recently discovered their credit score was a lot lower than they thought. A full-time stay-at-home mother of four, Wendy and her husband fell on some rough times after the Alberta economy took a downturn in 2016.

Dan had been working up north in the oil patch while Wendy stayed home to take care of the family. Dan says while it was hard to be away from the kids for long periods of time, they didn’t really have another option.

“Saying goodbye is the hardest for sure,” said Dan. “But with a mortgage payment every two weeks and all the stuff the kids got going on, soccer, piano lessons…well, we just really needed the money.”

After the birth of their fourth child, Dan and Wendy decided they needed a bigger home, which obviously meant larger mortgage payments. Then, six months after the move, Dan was unexpectedly laid off.

“Dan was out of work for almost eight months,” recalls Wendy. “That didn’t mean the bills weren’t still flooding in, though.”

And flood in they did. Wendy says they stopped being able to make their mortgage payments on time and eventually, they were using their credit cards for almost everything.

“It got so bad, I started charging everything. I was scared we weren’t going to be able to put food on the table anymore. We definitely missed a few payments. But feeding the kids came first.”

Dan was finally able to secure a job almost a year later, but by then, the damage to their credit had already been done.

So when Wendy went to apply for a new car loan and discovered her credit score was only 530, she was understandably upset.

“We’d been perfect borrowers up until Dan lost his job. Not one late payment! Then what? Eight months of bad luck and everything is ruined?! We were devastated.”

Wendy went to several banks, only to be denied each time. The family needed a new vehicle, but she just couldn’t see how that was ever going to happen.

That is, until she heard about My Ride.

“I talked to a friend who had been having the same problems as us getting approved. She recommended My Ride and we thought, why not? We’ve got nothing to lose.”

Wendy and Dan went to www.myride.ca and got in touch with one of their 24/7 personal shoppers.

“We were obviously a little afraid. After you’ve been told NO so many times, you just kind of lose faith, you know? But we both couldn’t believe how easy they made it for us. I’m still in shock!”

When Karen, a My Ride representative got Wendy’s email, she knew she could help.

“We see people like Wendy and Dan all the time,” said Karen. “They have a bit of bad financial luck and then no one wants to help them. I got to know their budget and what their family’s vehicle needs were. Then, I got to work I just wanted to find the best solution for their specific needs.”

After a little research, Karen helped Wendy, Dan and the kids get into a brand new Dodge Caravan at a bi-weekly payment the family could afford.

“We have over 10,000 vehicles in our inventory, so I knew finding the right ride was going to be easy,” said Karen. “I’ve worked with hundreds of customers with bad credit before. It takes a little finessing, but I knew it was possible.

“Plus, Wendy and Dan are great people, they just had some bad luck. It felt great getting them approved and into a vehicle they desperately needed.”

If you’re like the Baker family and are struggling to get vehicle financing because of your credit, visit www.myride.ca and see what they can do! With flexible plans for every financial situation, it doesn’t hurt to try.

“We wouldn’t have been able to make it work without My Ride. They made the process so easy, and it only took a couple of days to get approved. We’re over the moon!” said Wendy.