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We’ve Set Aside $125 Million for Approving Albertans

Other finance companies or car dealerships will SAY they can “approve anyone” or that they are “Alberta’s #1 Choice”, but we’re the only company with more than $125 million of financed vehicles currently on Alberta roads.

We have a pretty big budget, and we like to use it. That’s why we can finance Alberta drivers even if the banks have already denied them car loans. We have the money to finance our customers with our own money.

Did You Know?

The Dirty Secret About Car Dealerships

When a car dealership says they can approve you for a car loan, they’re not the ones who are approving you? Dealerships are simply middle-men for banks like TD and Scotiabank. Typically, it’s the banks who provide the loan for you, so the dealership has no power to approve you OR deny you.

That’s what makes us different. If the banks deny your loan, we can finance you with our own money.

We’ve Approved More than 300,000 Alberta Drivers

Because we’re able to approve your car loan without help from the banks, we’re able to approve more drivers than anyone else. In the last decade, we’ve helped over a quarter million drivers into vehicles they love at prices they can afford.

So if you’re worried about getting approved, believe us when we tell you that we’ve helped people in your position before. We’ve helped people in pretty much every situation, from bad credit, to REALLY bad credit, to no credit at all.

Life Situations We Specialize In

We understand that circumstances can make it hard for some people to get the credit for a car loan. That’s why we’ve created special approval packages for the following types of people:

We’ve successfully approved each of these situations thousands of times. If you’re worried about getting credit in one of these situations, don’t be!